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Breast Cancer Surgery Specialist

Mission Surgical Clinic

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Up to 90% of women with early-stage breast cancer can be treated with breast cancer surgery. At Mission Surgical Clinic, the experienced medical team offers comprehensive surgical care to women who need breast cancer surgery. They use advanced surgical techniques to remove cancerous breast tissue, lymph nodes, and surrounding tissue to prevent the disease from spreading. To find out if you’re a candidate for breast cancer surgery, call the office in Riverside, Corona, Redlands, San Bernardino, Barstow or Eastvale, California, today or book an appointment online.

Breast Cancer Surgery Q&A

Why would I need breast cancer surgery?

Breast cancer surgery can be a part of your diagnosis and treatment for early- or advanced-stage breast cancer.

The Mission Surgical Clinic team often uses surgery to determine if cancer has spread beyond your breast and into the nearby lymph nodes.

You might also need breast cancer surgery to remove some or all of your breast tissue to eliminate the cancer and keep it from spreading.

What is involved in breast cancer surgery?

The Mission Surgical Clinic’s surgical team will determine which breast cancer surgery is right for you based on where and how big the cancerous tumors are and your overall health. They can discuss your surgery options during your consultation before you undergo surgery.

Available breast cancer surgeries include:

Breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy)

Breast-conserving surgery uses advanced surgical techniques to remove the cancerous tissue from the breast while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

Your surgeon can also remove lymph nodes at the time of your surgery to determine if the cancer has spread beyond your breast tissue — or to prevent it from spreading.


A mastectomy is surgery to remove your entire breast and some surrounding tissue. You may need surgery to remove one or both breasts (double mastectomy).

Breast reconstruction surgery

After undergoing breast cancer surgery, you might wish to have an additional procedure to reconstruct the breast. The Mission Surgical Clinic team will use remaining breast tissue and/or implants to improve the structure and appearance of one or both breasts.

How long does it take to recover from breast cancer surgery?

Everyone recovers at their own pace after any surgery. Many women need up to 10 days to recover from a lumpectomy. In some cases, women who undergo breast-conserving surgery will also need radiation treatments to destroy any remaining cancer cells. This will add to your recovery time.

After a mastectomy, you’ll need 3-4 weeks of downtime before resuming activities. You’ll also need additional time to adjust to the physical changes in your body. After your breasts are removed, you can feel off balance or develop soreness in your shoulders and neck.

The team at Mission Surgical Clinic provides complete after-care guidance to help you fully and comfortably recover.

To learn more about available breast cancer surgery, schedule a consultation online today or call the Mission Surgical Clinic office nearest you.